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Joomla CMS is an open source Content Management System designed to use the PHP/Pearl language and a MySQL Database to publish the content to your website(s). Joomla comes with easy to use graphical interface that can create, edit, update and publish the content on websites. It helps deal with website content which is totally databased driven. Joomla CMS is designed to create and manage new pages, manage site navigation and Meta contents, centralized content management with different assigned users, HTML editing and much more.With the many free and commercial extensions available, and its modular flexibility, you can add extensions to integrate stores, forums, wikis and many more into your website.

At RegionalLink, we can provide the installation and configuration of the many free and commercial Joomla CMS Templates, free and commercial Joomla CMS Extensions . for your website. Joomla CMS has been recognized as the one of the most powerful open source CMS for websites.

Joomla is a true core CMS platform, Content Management System.

More robust, more core features and processes for a CMS, supported, good SEO/SEM, good Media feature, less need for extensions add-on's for key features. Works well on LAMP stack.

Trade-off's; larger platform core directories/files, SEO-Canonicalization issues, smaller support than WP.

One issue with Joomla vs WordPress is the greater need in migration with version updated, this will probably be the case with Joomla 4.